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Emanual Samson, Tennessee Church Shooter
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The Nashville church shooting by a man named Emanuel Samson is obliterating The Narrative from every angle. It is the inverse of everything that the Dylann Roof shooting in Charleston in 2015–that provided cover to launch The Great Erasure against the American confederacy–was.

– A black immigrant fatally shoots churchgoing white natives.

– He is from Sudan, one of the countries included in Trump’s initial travel ban. That ban, propitiously enough, expired today, on the very day of the shooting. The new ban added Chad, North Korea, and Venezuela but dropped Sudan. Maybe we put Sudan (both of them) back on the list, Mr. President?

– His Facebook cover photo shows a black man taking a knee. The man turns out to be the shooter himself in the gym, but it was presumably cropped to show support for the kneelers (his feed is full of pictures of himself striking muscular poses, so it’s not implausible that steroids or some other enhancers played a role).

– Samson’s murder spree is cut short by someone running to his vehicle to grab his gun and then exercise his second amendment right to hold Samson down until police arrive.

– He refers to Africa as “the Mother Land” (imagine if Roof had referred to Germany as “The Fatherland”).

– He shared this colorful clip exhorting blacks to raise young warriors to prepare for the coming fight for independence.

– He supports all white-owned land in South Africa being seized reclaimed from whites and given returned to blacks.

You get the idea.

Who? Whom? dictates that–far from spurring any sort of national movement against black-on-white violence–this incident will be flushed down the memory hole by week’s end.

++Addition++The Derb takes notice.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. BONUS: The hero of the story is a doughy Christian white male (ahem Flight 92 ahem).

    I suspect we'll see this story go down the memory hole pretty quick.

  2. *er, Flight 93

  3. Incredible. Even on DuckDuckGo, the autofill suggestion as I typed Nashville was "Memphis church shooting." You are not meant to notice this story.

  4. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Like I said "Hate Speech is not Free Speech" Takes Knee "I Hate America"
    I am not really sure when the majority of americans are gonna realize just how much the left hates them. It's why I mentioned the kulaks and cossacks a few post ago. It's why people started calling google goolag these people are consumed with hate, they hate themselves for being inferior and they hate those that excel in life. It doesn't at all surprise me that they are censoring or hiding this story not even on duckduckgo …………. I really don't think people realize the amount of institutional control that leftist have. I find it more surprising that on a daily basis that the right side doesn't advertise the alternative platforms. Yeah they will eventually kick you off their platforms for doing that but they are already doing that anyway, you'll either fight now or fight later. You will either be smeared now for fighting back or once all the other "bad" rightest are defeated they will come after you. Stories and information like this should not be hidden. Why do you think they have started the demonitizing and deplatforming campaigns?

    traitors first

  5. Story has already been memoryholed

  6. JTK,

    It'll be interesting to see after a full week of the story being out if Samson garners more searches than Dylann Roof does two years after the latter shot up the church in Charleston. Feels about 50/50 to me.


    It's playing with fire, and at some level they're aware of that. I have people inside some of the big tech companies. There's a lot of hushed grumbling. People are wary of higher-ups for now, but I get the sense if one of the alt-tech platforms can hit it big, there'll be an exodus from the existing tech giants to said alternates. It may just be a biased sample I'm dealing with, but I'm cautiously optimistic.


    No way! Is that verifiable?

  7. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I dunno Audacious Epigone …… Elmer Jones is pretty on the level with his stuff over at CH blog so I would tend to think it's real, that and he has a thing for haiku

    Fox News did have a little blurb on this story so maybe there is hope.

    I would love to see a duckduckgo, gab, vidme or one of the others really take off that's for sure. I have noticed a lot more commercials on youtube so maybe that's a sign that demonitizing some overplayed their hand a little. Until then I will cautiously wait and prepare for the civil war/balkanization that is to come.

    traitors first

  8. Only one dead so not anywhere near a high score. Omar Mateen implementing Sharia law on 50 people in that Fla nightclub was impressive. I think Trump may have had his first glimmer of a lead in the race that week.

  9. Anon,

    From this point on you shall be referred to as "traitors first".


    Yeah, he and the man who shot at the congress critters were staggeringly inefficient. In Samson's case, the people he shot were mostly geriatrics at close range and it looks like they're all going to make it. If he had killed 5 instead of 1, though, I very much doubt that would have much effect on the national coverage.

  10. Regarding the NFL thing I think the analogy goes like this:

    NFL Owners: Flag protests :: Trump: DACA

    Patriotic guys from an older generation let themselves be surrounded and advised by stupid SJWs into going in a direction they regret. I can't see this ending well for the NFL. They have all fixed costs, so every marginal dollar they lose hits their bottom line 100%.

    That guy Khan who owns the Jacksonville Jaguars will feel it hard. I hope those Florida boys never forget. He is deep in the heart of Trump country. Trump won every county in the region including Jacksonville county itself and adjacent Baker County went 81% to 16.6% for Trump. Its fun to hate on America over in cosmopolitan England. Back to Florida now.

    Time for the media to start lying about NFL ratings as they decline. The Conservative Treehouse, based in Florida, is full of rage over this. I bet family members pressure each other to cancel tickets. The key will actually be next week's ratings, because that will be when the response to this week's antics will really show up.

    Enrollment in Mizzou remains way, way down, years later, even though they are surely letting in more people.

    There is a lot of inertia involved but I think the NFL experience will be eye popping. Teams in New England and California may be okay, but midwestern and southern teams will feel this for a long time.

  11. Lest anyone feel sad for the NFL remember how they tried to destroy states that wouldn't go along with the transgender lies. They were already converged.

  12. "He shot Melanie Smith in the back as she was walking to her car, turned her over and fatally shot her in the face like a dog."

  13. Dan,

    The NFL is in trouble. Big trouble.


    Is Smith going to get a nationally televised funeral like the woman who died of a heart attack in C'Ville? Rhetorical, of course.

  14. The Steelers shall be no more. They are now the "Pittsburg Kneelers"

    I thought you might like that about the steeler kneelers. If I knew how to do memes, I'd make one about them being on their knees and being orally fixated.

    traitors first

  15. Wednesday, 9/27/2017. Incident has been flushed.

  16. Fredrick Demond Scott is a better subject. He actually murdered AT LEAST five whites. He's already forgotten.

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