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Cupping Smollett
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This hate crime counts among its victims some 63 million Americans. The blue checkmark brigade’s reaction did what SE Cupp asserted it would–made it harder for groups on the receiving end of such hate to ‘report’ it without being subjected to mockery and ridicule.

However Freud be assessed in his entirety, the concept of psychological projection is his greatest contribution:

Imagine the reaction if Steve King had written Protect the mind, heart and spirit of you and your people at all costs. This is what White Privilege looks like in The Current Year, I guess.

Less cynically, despite the putative victim aegises afforded by his being black and gay, it looks like Smollett is going to be held to account. He was too clever by half. Had he merely fabricated the whole incident, he’d still be being celebrated right now.

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  1. Nehlen says:

    You forgot Jewish.

    Why do you suppose it’s always Jewish that folks “forget?”

    Nobody “forgets” that Smollett is Black.

    Nobody “forgets” that he’s gay, either.

    Do you suppose “forgetting” is conditioned, so that a) if you’re not Jewish you aren’t labeled an “anti-Semite” or if you are Jewish “forgetting” is a way to cover the “sins of the tribe?”

  2. I said this on Sailer’s blog, he might be indicted (ding) and convicted (by a Lakeview/Boystown jury pool? Hard to believe), but he won’t do time. He will plead down and get probation.

    The Chicago machine is real. The mayor is Jewish, and the President of the Board of Cook Co. Commissioners and the Cook Co States Attorney are both black women. The CPD Superintendent is a black man and a puppet.

  3. Tyrion 2 says:

    In a country that refers to Barrack Obama as its “first black President” it isn’t suprising that Jussie Smollett also gets labelled as simply black.

    • Replies: @Audacious Epigone
  4. Anonymous[200] • Disclaimer says:

    This all sounds like the German Army congratulating itself that Stalin’s generals finally went too far and that they stuck it to Soviets good this time in that little village near the Oder.


    Protect the mind, heart and spirit of you and your people at all costs.

    sounds like a good 14 words.

  5. Twinkie says:

    He was too clever by half.

    The stupid (and the stupidly arrogant) always are. When you have such people as enemies, you want to goad them, ever so judiciously.

    To paraphrase an old saying, always build them a golden bridge when your enemies want to overextend.

    • Agree: Audacious Epigone
    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  6. iffen says:

    You forgot Jewish.

    Smollett is Jewish? Dang, I didn’t know that. The Name Those Jews Brigade is falling down on the job. This means that he is a triple intersectionalist; no wonder he is confused and making bad decisions.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
    , @Logan
  7. Tyrion 2 says:

    Salt, cocaine and anthrax can all appear to be sugar…(the “refined” kind of course)

    Remarkably imaginative yet vicious racial insult.

    • Agree: Audacious Epigone
    • Replies: @Bruce County
  8. @Nehlen

    I didn’t forget–I didn’t know. Source?

    Like many others on our side of the great divide, I had never heard of Smollett before the hate hoax made news.

    • Replies: @Nehlen
  9. @MikeatMikedotMike

    The consequences are still real for him, though. This is a high-profile case that captured the country’s attention. A lot of the other hate hoaxes get flushed down the memory hole in a week. I don’t think this one will.

    • Replies: @MikeatMikedotMike
  10. @Tyrion 2

    I suspect that Obama as the first black president will at some point in the future be retconned to Obama as the first mixed-race president to make room for a future president who is Deval Patrick-black.

  11. Jussie is a garden variety sociopath. Nobody and nothing matters but him. In common parlance he would be an ass hole.

  12. AceDeuce says:

    LOL. “Too clever by half” is not a good move. Especially when armed with an IQ of 80.

  13. @Audacious Epigone

    I guess I’m too cynical. He’s going to walk.

    Two other nigh profile, nationally covered criminal cases come to mind:

    OJ Simpson and Jose Zarate.

    Now I am perfectly aware that these cases are not hoaxes, as well as all of the other differences between those cases and this one, but they do possess similarities that cannot be discounted: The defendants were minorities, the victims were white (the victim of this hoax is symbolically the white population of the US,) the local political, judicial and media conglomerate were and continue to be very sympathetic to minority defendants, and the jury pool couldn’t have been less favorable for the prosecution. Both men were acquitted of murdering attractive young white women; in this case the crime (filing a false PR) has no victim the prosecution can attach a sympathy eliciting face to. To a leftish jury they may as well be trying to convict Smollett of spitting on the sidewalk.

    I don’t see him doing time. Even if he does – a year in the can won’t rehabilitate him or help see the error of his ways, or make him contrite. If anything it will exacerbate his hard left worldview. In my personal opinion his real crimes (buggery and who knows what other sexual degeneracy, bigoted hostility to whites, incitement of racial tension, borderline psychopathic narcissism, and generally, just another useless sub human with no real talent) extend much further than false report filing. He should be repatriated to Liberia and allowed never to return.

  14. @MikeatMikedotMike

    I guess I’m too cynical. He’s going to walk.

    No doubt. The narrative is well established. He has no agency. White people (Trump) made him do it.

    • Replies: @Audacious Epigone
  15. @Nehlen

    Nobody forgot that he’s a Jew, because he’s not. His father was a Jew, but according to Jewish law, the father’s religion is irrelevant.

    • Replies: @Nehlen
    , @Jay Fink
  16. Nehlen says:
    @Nicholas Stix

    Ethnically Jewish. Nobody said anything about religion.

    And technically, he is a mamzer.

    Look up the term if it’s a new one on you.

  17. MBlanc46 says:

    Probation and maybe some community service. Heartwarming human interest stories about his community service may be part of his rehabilitation.

  18. “He allegedly abused police resources…” in plain English, he sent them on a wild goose chase.

    “exploited raw divisions in this country….” He tricked you Dems into knee jerk support which when his allegations proved to be false was embarrassing for them in general and you in particular.

    “made it harder for every victim of a hate crime to report.” Haha. She squirms out from under her culpability and deflects criticism by feigning sympathy for another potential victim. The Liberal Ploy. Not me! I’m a good person because I feel bad for that poor wretch over there!

    No apology. No acknowledgement of wrong-headedness. What a pathetic piece of offal.

    Not “This” but she “is sad no matter your politics.”

  19. @WorkingClass

    Whatever happens to him isn’t as important as what the story does to the zeitgeist. How about a verb to use for future hoaxes? ie “it sounds like we’re being Jussied again”.

    • Replies: @sayless
  20. iffen says:

    This is sad no matter your politics.

    No it is not. We need a thousand Jussies, no, thousands.

    Jus’ so you know.

  21. Pontius says:

    It always seemed awfully pretentious to me for her to use her first initials rather than her damn name.

  22. @iffen

    I did mention it but my question:

    “Can we look forward to this headline: ‘Jussie, the Jig Jew Jessie jailed’ ?”

    was censored by Sailer for some reason.

    • Replies: @iffen
  23. iffen says:
    @Bill Jones

    I think that probably Jig was the reason that it was canned. I understand it, and actually agree with the idea that we shouldn’t use such terms.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  24. @iffen


    I’m English why should I allow some foreign Johnnie to dictate what words in my language are acceptable?

    I don’t presume to mandate the grunts, belches and farts with which they communicate.

  25. @Tyrion 2

    I really dont think he meant it that way .. he’s too stupid for a complex, thought provoking statement. (y’all) He’s a defective mutt of the highest order.

  26. @MikeatMikedotMike

    He should be repatriated to Liberia and allowed never to return.

    Along with every other Black criminal and parasite we’ve got.  Making them ineligible for any sort of public assistance in this country would force them to accept relocation.

  27. Logan says:

    Not according to Jewish law, he isn’t. Jewishness is matrilineal.

  28. Jay Fink says:
    @Nicholas Stix

    The interesting thing about that Jewish law is it contradicts with genetic science. The maternal dna of (Ashkenazi) Jews traces back to Europe, Sicily in particular.

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