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For the record, if Trump gets a cuck primary challenger like John Kasich or Ben Sasse, the weasel(s) won’t win a single state with the quasi-exception of the DC caucus, a result that will be even worse for Conservatism, Inc than if it didn’t win a single delegate at all. There can never be enough national reminders of how little electoral purchase Conservatism, Inc has left. Kek intervened more in the primaries than he did in the general election. While Trump may not deserve the level of shitlord support he received in 2016, nothing would rekindle it like a cuck primary challenge would.

As good as it would be to see Kasich get humiliated again, it would be even better to see Ann Coulter run. To filch from Pat Buchanan, she has been right from the beginning. Nobody has more credibility as a good-faith critic than she does. Her challenge would serve as a referendum on Trump’s deviation from the dance that put him the White House. Parenthetically, this is why she’d be even better than Tucker Carlson. Trump spurned Coulter on Twitter after having followed her for years before winning the presidency. He didn’t follow Carlson then but he does now.

She expressed great admiration for how the late Phyllis Schafly never rested on her laurels. As enormous as Coulter’s contributions have been, she could outdo herself yet.

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  1. anon[171] • Disclaimer says:

    How perfect it would be if Ann Coulter is sworn in as the first woman President while Hillary sits drinking at home watching it on TV.

  2. Yes! I have a distant memory of Ann Coulter being a slightly-neocon, straight GOP booster, what we’d call “Conservative, Inc” now. However, over the last decade she has been right 99% of the time, if by “right”, it means agreeing with me completely. I could tell you her one or two bad spots in another comment.

    I wrote < 1 hour ago a blog post about her latest column, in which she compares Presidents Donnie to Ronnie in terms of their treatment by the Lyin’ Press.

    I didn’t know that Trump had spurned Miss Coulter in some way. Was this just recently? I really don’t follow the tweets unless they’re presented to me in the form of a post or comment.

    If Miss Coulter would run, I’d vote for her over Donald Trump without a moment’s thought!

  3. She has my vote for sure, and since I live in a corruptocrat jurisdiction, I’ll give her as many of my votes as possible 😉

  4. Not sure Coulter has a chance in Hell. I like her, but relevant to your last post I don’t see her drawing as many or more working class white men as Trump. Trump was able to draw votes across the aisle from lifelong Democrat voting, union white men. The contributing factors were sort of a perfect storm that may not be replicated for some time.

    Coulter is also never married with no kids. That doesn’t resemble traditionally minded voters, including women. Even though her lifestyle sort of resembles a feminist’s wet dream (single, childless, witty, assertive, successful, smart, etc) they hate her with a passion (Envy.) IIRC there has never been a single president. The first female potus will be married, guaranteed.

    Some of this will certainly depend on her opponent. Komodo Harris would give Coulter a shot perhaps, but I haven’t thought it out really. I see Harris as a disaster (but she would receive assistance from the media on a scale not ever seen before in campaign history,) and Coulter can’t be accused in any serious way of sexism when she proceeds to rip Harris’ heart out on a nationally televised debate and chucks it over her shoulder into a nearby waste basket.

  5. And who knows? As President, she might save Western Civilization not only from civil war due to immigration, but from Islamization with her advocacy of the repeal of the 19th Amendment!

    • Agree: Audacious Epigone
  6. MBlanc46 says:

    She did support Mitt Romney. I would, however, forgive her if she won and stopped the invasion.

    • Agree: RVBlake
  7. She expressed great admiration for how the late Phyllis Schlafly never rested on her laurels. As enormous as Coulter’s contributions have been, she could outdo herself yet.

    Mrs S would have been perfect as the first woman president. But she avoided seeking office.

    President Reagan reportedly offered her a Cabinet position in one of the “soft” fields, but what she wanted was Defense or something similar. Something real.

  8. anon[230] • Disclaimer says:


    IIRC there has never been a single president.

    James Buchanan [1857-61], some said he was a Left Footer.
    Ann Coulter is alleged to have Mudsharked, maybe that could help her with the male Black vote.

  9. I will support Ann Coulter if she challenges Trump in the 2020 GOP presidential primary. If she doesn’t do it, I will.

    President Trump has removed the policy portion of his campaign website that called for an immigration moratorium if that was necessary to defend and protect the safety and security of the United States. Why?

    Tweet from 2015:

    • Agree: Audacious Epigone
  10. Ann Coulter will be a happy warrior when she battles the New York Times on the presidential primary campaign trail.

    I can’t stand the political policies of George W Bush, but I had to laugh when he was caught telling Cheney that a certain NY Times reporter was an arsehole.

  11. Ann Coulter will start at 1o percent against Trump in the 2020 GOP presidential primary and she will jump to within 10 percent of Trump in two weeks.

    Ann Coulter will say that she loves Trump, but Trump has made himself unlovable by backstabbing his voter base and the nation on immigration.

    Possible Ann Coulter Immigration Platform:



    Tweet from 2015:

  12. Ann Coulter and President Trump are both highly familiar with the New York City area.

    Ann Coulter has blood that goes back many generations in colonial America and the United States.

    Ann Coulter and Trumpy remembered the 1993 Islamic Terrorist Truck Bombing of the World Trade Center and they knew the open borders mass immigration policies of the United States was a clear and present threat to the national security of the United States.

    Ann Coulter will put the interests of American citizens ahead of the interests of foreigners in all matters.

    Ann Coulter is a patriotic Kentucky long rifle from Connecticut.

    Tweet from 2015:

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
    , @Stan d Mute
  13. @Charles Pewitt

    Congratulations.  Your endless spamming of the comment threads has made you the FIRST Unz commenter to make my ignore list.

  14. President Trump is a BACKSTABBING shyster politician who pushes mass legal immigration.

    The H-1B visa scam is used by money-grubbing rats to undercut the wages and benefits of native-born American workers.

    The H-1B visa scam is used by money-grubbing cheap labor hogs to displace and replace native-born American workers.

    President Trump has abandoned native-born American workers by putting the interests of foreigners ahead of the interests of American citizens.

    President Trump wants to massively increase the guest worker visa scam and the foreigner visa worker scam and every other cheap labor politician trick that undercuts and attacks native-born American workers.

    President Trump has stabbed his voter base in the back by crawling into bed with foreigners and plutocrat shysters such as Shelly Adelson and Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos.

    The Pewitt Immigration Plan Is Patriotic And It Puts The Interests of American Citizens Ahead Of The Interests Of Foreigners:




    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  15. Olaf says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    I can’t remember who said it, but I think the best description of Ann I ever read was:

    “Ann has always been hardcore, she was hardcore as a neocon and now she’s hardcore as a nationalist.’

    She hasn’t really changed how she acted one bit.

    • Agree: Audacious Epigone
    • Replies: @Tyrion 2
  16. Mr. Rational, hopefully you liked some of the other stuff I said!

    I wrote this in April of 2018:

    Most political experts agree that I ended Jebby Bush’s campaign for president in April of 2015 at a town hall event. The only political experts who disagree work for the Koch boys, and they’re full of crap anyways.

    Modesty is overrated as a virtue in politics, as we have discovered as Trumpy pounded everybody immodestly.

    Tweet from 2015:

  17. Why would Ann want to be President?

    What I want to see is a Trump/Palin ticket for 2020. They would be GREAT together and the left would suffer an aneurysm.

    • Replies: @notanon
  18. Tyrion 2 says:

    There was a bloke from the AfD on HardTalk by the BBC earlier this year. He was reprimanded for his party’s supposedly far right stance on immigration. He simply answered that his politics had remained consistent since the early 90s when even the left of centre mainstream party had exactly the same policy.

    Weird how the immigration policy from the politically correct early 90s of the very “progressive” Social Democratic Party of (already cucked) Germany is now considered “hardcore nationalist”.

  19. Truth says:

    “He” has been right from the beginning, Old Sport…

  20. It doesn’t matter because the political process is dead for us because we no longer have the numbers. “Democracy” is a racial headcount.

    Time to make like Varg Vikernes.

  21. Corvinus says:

    “Coulter is also never married with no kids. That doesn’t resemble traditionally minded voters, including women. Even though her lifestyle sort of resembles a feminist’s wet dream (single, childless, witty, assertive, successful, smart, etc)”

    Exactly. She is not running for president, nor should she. Coulter wasted her prime fertile years chasing a career and has no progeny to show for her efforts.

    • Troll: MikeatMikedotMike
  22. Northeast says:

    I like Ann, but she’s late to the immigration battles. She was around when Sam Francis & Lawrence Auster & David Brudnoy & O’ Sullivan & Brimelow at National Review lost jobs, lost careers, lost money & were blackballed by Conservative Inc.

    She never took a stand when it mattered, or would have cost her money. I’m happy she’s in the game now, but she’s a pale imitation of those I mentioned above. She’s certainly too shrill & too emotional to be president. America will tune her out right quick.

  23. I adore her tranny ass, but Ann is Ann, she’s not fit for office and better suited to pissing in from the outside. Press secretary, perhaps. I’d like to see her deal with the fake media.

  24. @Charles Pewitt

    Ann Coulter and President Trump are both highly familiar with the New York City area.

    Perhaps more importantly, Ann lived in Ann Arbor for a few years and is thus highly familiar with Detriot.

  25. @Mr. Rational

    Congratulations. Your endless spamming of the comment threads has made you the FIRST Unz commenter to make my ignore list.

    My friend, you haven’t been here very long I take it. How could you ignore Peewit before Bliss, Truth, OobaGooba, OobyGooby, Cornyass, or Tiny Dick? It’s a serious question. Yes, Peewit is annoying with his incessant replays of idiotic Twits tweeting and redundant posts. But after long enough we all begin to sound like broken records don’t we? Maybe he’s just on an accelerated timetable.

    • Replies: @Charles Pewitt
  26. @Stan d Mute

    Thank you for your sterling defense of my comments! Heartwarming!

    Repetition is the story of political campaigns.

    You should hear the presidential candidates repeat the same crap event after event in the presidential primaries.

    Some of them get better at their political communication, and some of them, like Newt Gingrich, are just in it for the loot from a guy like Sheldon Adelson.

    Repeat the message like Wagner or some Celtic fiddler, over and over again. Get the bastards in a transcendent state. Go listen to Tir Na Nog by Van Morrison.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  27. @Charles Pewitt

    The thing is, here you’re preaching to the choir. Outside the Trolls, I doubt you could find a dozen total prospective converts even including the lurkers.

    Use the commentariat as a sounding board, moral support, or to vent your spleen. But as Mr Rational shows you risk alienating your natural allies with the repetition.

  28. Coulter is 6 feet tall, with the shoulders of a middle-linebaker:

    at best a lez, and at worst…

    while she/he/it objects to illegal invasives, the “legal” invasives, 3X as many, don’t bother Coulter in the least:

    she/he/it is perfectly fine with #White Genocide, just so it’s “legal”.

    not coincidentally, the New York Jews own her: via the multi-million dollar book contract.

    • Replies: @Audacious Epigone
  29. @Achmed E. Newman

    He unfollowed her on Twitter. He only follows 45 people, so there used to be a good chance that any given time he took a look at his twitter account, he’d see something from her. No longer. Since he seems to very much focus on what is right in front of him, that’s a big loss for us–and it was an intentional snub on his part.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  30. @MikeatMikedotMike

    I don’t think she’d be able to primary him. Barring a currency crisis, no one is going to be able to. Trump is popular among Republican voters now, more so than when he was elected. But she’d definitely get more votes than a cuck primary challenger would.

  31. @gman

    It’ll take someone who is at least as bombastic as Trump is to do it. Sessions is a man whose time has long passed.

  32. @Northeast

    She’s certainly too shrill & too emotional to be president. America will tune her out right quick.

    She is, along with maybe Michael Savage, just about the only serious immigration restrictionist–by serious I mean someone who goes beyond crime to things like culture, IQ, etc–who is well known and well liked by Republican primary voters. The boomercons love her even if she is having to pull them by their ears to an understanding of the National Question.

    She wouldn’t have much of a chance in the general election, but I suspect she’d do surprisingly well in the Republican primaries.

    • Replies: @Charles Pewitt
  33. @Northeast

    For what it’s worth, Brimelow remains on great terms with her, as does John Derbyshire. I have tremendous respect for both of them, obviously, but it is worth noting that she has far more influence than the two of them combined do. Nobody can get to the top of the punditry tower on the National Question. Consequently, nothing is more value than ‘flipping’ someone who is on the top to our side, as happened with Coulter who was, as aforementioned, an acerbic neocon through the oughts. She maintained the Iraq War was a good idea after even most midwit Republican talking heads had finally decided to shut up about it.

    • Replies: @Northeast
  34. Northeast says:
    @Audacious Epigone

    She is indeed one of the few on the right who has the guts to confront the dire implications of third world immigration. I understand that Trump is not ideologically committed to dealing with the National Question like Ann, but her vitriolic attacks on Trump these past several months have caused a fissure between the two of them that need not be there.

    She knows Trump is thin-skinned, but she really has used rhetoric about him that is incredibly ugly. She’s now lost all professional access to him because she’s unwilling to control her vitriol. I find it utterly depressing & counterproductive.

  35. “She is indeed one of the few on the right who has the guts to confront the dire implications of third world immigration.”

    Confront the dire implications of third world immigration? Its too late. Kindergartens in America today are half white. The America you remember as a kid is dead and gone. In thirty years, America will be unrecognizable.

    Europe may plausibly confront the dire implications of third world immigration (but probably won’t), but USA? That horse has left the barn.


    • Replies: @Northeast
  36. Trevor H. says:
    @Mr. Rational

    Yep. I’m sick to death of that blowhard sounding his own horn over and over. Ignore it is.

  37. Renoman says:

    Never gonna happen too many people hate her.

  38. @Audacious Epigone

    She wouldn’t have much of a chance in the general election, but I suspect she’d do surprisingly well in the Republican primaries.

    Ann Coulter has German blood — as do I — and she would do well with most of the Germans in the Great Lakes states in the general election. Coulter might even win over a good portion of the 1848 Krauts with her attacks on the ruling class. The Kraut pot bangers have ancestral memories of the 1848 stuff, they think it’s good fun to go after the ruling class!

    The typology of Krauts is important to understand since there are so many bastards with German blood in the USA — including the guy name Trump who pushes mass legal immigration.

    Ann Coulter would win Florida by telling the geezers that Obamacare steals money from Medicare to give to illegal alien invaders. Ann Coulter would win the Anglo-Celts in the northern portion of Florida and she would win the snowbirds from the Great Lakes states and the Northeast.

    Ann Coulter has the brains to understand monetary policy and the connection between monetary policy and housing costs and mass immigration and wage stagnation.

    Ann Coulter might also get some of the English ancestry boobs in the Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon continuum across the top portion of the United States.

    And finally, we have no idea what the upcoming global financial implosion will do to politics in the USA, and around the world. The next round of the global financial implosion will see the dislodgement of ruling classes in many nations. Ann Coulter has the brains, guts and heart to ride that wave.

    Attention Ann Coulter:

    Stop that crap with pushing that Israel First bastard Tom Cotton on us!

    No more war for Israel in the Middle East and West Asia.

    The spirits of General George Washington and General Andrew Jackson say let those bastards stew in their own frigging juices, DAMMIT!

  39. Despite being late to the issue. Miss Coulter is almost entirely right on the immigration issue. Maybe because I am in the field of developing talent, I think she is wrong as is the executive on importing the “supposed best and the brightest” from other countries.

    I believe in developing talent and until we have exhausted the ability to develop our own — I see not need one to import anyone for any reason.

  40. @Audacious Epigone

    I always thought Ann Coulter was 6 feet tall, too, but she is not that tall.

    Ann Coulter is, much to my delight, 5 feet 9 inches tall — so that means she is somewhere around 5 feet 8 and a bit. I might be taller than Ann Coulter.

    Ann Coulter looks willowy to me from pictures I’ve seen of her. She may not weigh more than 120 pounds soaking wet.

    Ann Coulter is old enough so she won’t irritate younger White women voters and she is young enough where plenty of White male voters would like to make the beast with two backs with her.

    I could deliver New Hampshire to Ann Coulter if she boldly made her move to challenge Trumpy in the 2020 GOP presidential primary.

    I will make sure she doesn’t have to wake up before 10 am EST when she is on the campaign trail. Ann Coulter will bargain for noon, but I’ll tell her the fate of the nation calls for Coulter to be up at the crack of 10 am occasionally.

    Trump Pushes Mass Legal Immigration And He Won’t Deport All Illegal Alien Invaders — I Will Not Support Trump Any Longer. The H-1B visa scam boosterism was the final straw.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  41. Northeast says:

    According to the numbers, it’s been too late for a long time, which is why I mentioned people like Auster & Francis. If the nation’s demographics were going to be preserved in any meaningful way action should have been taken no later than the 90s.

  42. @Northeast

    Ronald Reagan pushed mass legal immigration and amnesty for illegal alien invaders.

    George HW Bush pushed mass legal immigration and amnesty for illegal alien invaders.

    Ronald Reagan signed the disastrous 1986 Amnesty For Illegal Alien Invaders bill into law.

    George HW Bush signed the nation-wrecking 1990 Mass Legal Immigration Surge bill into law.

    The H-1B visa scam came out of the nation-wrecking immigration bill that treasonous rat George HW Bush signed into law.

    Ann Coulter has started pounding Trumpy on his H-1B visa BACKSTAB of the American people. Good for Ann!

    • Agree: Audacious Epigone, TWS
  43. @Charles Pewitt

    Ann Coulter is old enough so she won’t irritate younger White women voters and she is young enough where plenty of White male voters would like to make the beast with two backs with her.

    Haha! I guess that’s the sweet spot.

    BTW, Charles, though I won’t ever ignore anyone software-wise (even Corvinus has been right once this year already!), I agree somewhat with Mr. Rational and Stan’s reply. However, I always appreciate hard-core enthusiasm, so your posts make me smile a lot. I wish you had completely ripped Yeb a new one that day, but you probably did all you could without getting escorted out into the street.

    I had some opportunities I’ve missed in giving Pols a piece of my mind. Next time… watch out.

    • Replies: @Charles Pewitt
  44. @Audacious Epigone

    OK, thank you for that information. I will update my blog on that. The more I think about this twitter-following by a President of the US, though, the more it seems just silly as all hell. I mean, does the guy get 5 or 10 blurbs onto his phone from those 45 people each time he’s in a meeting trying to get a handle on his treasonous staff, the continuous bomardment of Russia-porn by the Lyin’ Press, and his job as Commander-in-Chief?

    Its seems so damn juvenile. How can you get any damn thinking in, when the phone is giving you little pieces of information every coupla’ minutes, some of which you feel a need to respond to?

    • Agree: Stan d Mute
  45. Correction:

    We need not import anyone for any reason.

  46. @Achmed E. Newman

    The Twitter bit was just a small portion of what I said to Jebby Bush at that town hall. I still find it hard to understand how Jebby’s donors thought mass legal immigration and amnesty for illegal aliens and cutting Social Security and Medicare were going to win many voters in the 2016 GOP presidential primary.

    Trump definitely lucked out in going up against donor-controlled politician whores in the 2016 GOP presidential primary and then Hillary Clinton in the general election.

    John Kasich ended up getting a lot of the upper middle class slob voters in the New Hampshire GOP presidential primary that Jebby’s donors thought that he would get.

    Ann Coulter could defeat Trump in the GOP presidential primary — she has the intensity and she wouldn’t be so arrogant as to refuse good advice. If John Kasich runs in the 2020 GOP presidential primary that will be of immense help to Ann Coulter to siphon away upper middle class voters from Trumpy.

    Ann Coulter will win the Yellow Vest voters away from Trumpy in the 2020 GOP NH presidential primary. Ann Coulter could use the immigration issue to wedge Trumpy the Hell out of the White House.

  47. J1234 says:

    For the record, if Trump gets a cuck primary challenger like John Kasich or Ben Sasse, the weasel(s) won’t win a single state….

    I agree. I personally don’t think Sasse has a prayer of getting re-elected as a Nebraska Senator, let alone getting the nomination for the presidency. And, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere on Unz, the most radically leftist House in the history of the US may end up being – no, make that, “will likely be” – the most effective “committee to re-elect Trump in 2020” ever put together.

    Having said that, Trump’s presidential limitations (many of which are admittedly externally imposed) are becoming apparent to even many of his strongest supporters. The question is: Could the political philosophy of Trump and the persona of Trump be de-conflated in a way that connects with (i.e. in a way that is understood by) the rank and file Republican voter, and could that political philosophy then be successfully transferred to another conservative candidate who could actually win the 2020 election?

    I ask that because Trump is something akin to a personality cult, which leads many of his supporters to believe that only he is capable of having – or making good on – his political goals. I would vote for Ann Coulter in a second, but I’m afraid that for many “new wave” conservatives or Republicans, when Trump is gone, the magic is gone. And if she’s running against Trump in a primary (there’s no way he won’t run for re-election) that would make it all the more difficult for her. OTOH, Ann is probably the only potential candidate who could have a chance at out-Trumping Trump. Maybe Cruz, but he didn’t succeed last time.

    I think that she could be an effective president, but there is a caveat, one that I hate to ponder: I truly believe that the US will be teetering on the edge of an all out civil war in the next few years. How would she deal with such a scenario, imminent or present? I’m not sure.

    One good thing about Ann is that it’s unlikely there would be any “grab her by the ****y” skeletons in her closet. OTOH, as at least one other commenter pointed out, she had very different political perspectives during her GW Bush days (much in the vein of the neocon mania of the times) and they would come back to haunt her, big time. The most troubling thing I found was a debate/discussion she was having with William F. Buckley in 1999 in which she stated (passionately and emphatically) that a president could/should be impeached and removed from office on “sexual immorality” grounds. She was referring to Clinton at the time, but wasn’t wise enough to understand that such a principal could be used as a pretext for undermining the democratic process, and could be used against conservatives in the future. Buckley understood this.

    • Agree: Audacious Epigone
    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  48. There’s one more big plus regarding Miss Coulter. This only came to mind as I wrote a reply to pro-female commenter Rosie on the subsequent post’s thread. Ann Coulter agrees with me that women should not be allowed to vote. She may want to keep her mouth shut, were she to run, until that’s a done deal*.


    * Yes, I know that takes a lot of work by State legislatures, who are, as of now, nothing but sack-hangers of the Feral Gov’t. However, why not repeal XXVI, XVI (the MOST important, on income tax), XVII, and a coupla’ others at the same time? It’ll save on hotel costs.

  49. @J1234

    If I recall Miss Coulter hinged her advocacy on perjury – not the misbehavior she thought was wrong.

    • Replies: @J1234
  50. notanon says:

    it wouldn’t be about becoming Pres – it would be about pulling Trump to the right.

    it would also provide an opportunity for people to provide unofficial security at her rallies which i imagine could be entertaining.

    • Agree: Audacious Epigone
  51. J1234 says:

    I just saw the video of this broadcast a few weeks ago, so I’m not going to sit through it again to find the exchange I’m referring to, but it’s in there somewhere. It’s worth looking at the vid in it’s entirety if you haven’t seen it yet.

    Ann and Rush have changed for the better over the last few years. They seem to understand the cultural component of conservatism better than they used to, and are now tuned into the dangers of globalism. But they were pretty much cheerleaders for “W” in the first decade of the 21st century. I remember W saying, “there’s nothing I can do about globalism,” and he was correct; there was nothing that someone of his limited abilities could do about it.

  52. @J1234

    Hesitating posting this.

    Miss Coulter’s hurdles to name a few

    1. She has joked about terminating the life f at least one Supreme Court justice

    2. She is knee deep in promoting the wasteful and time consuming mess over Pres. Clinton’s personal misconduct — even if one wanted to pin their argument on “perjury” the entire affair was seedy muck raking that yielded little in the way of benefit for the republican party

    3. She was a major player in going to war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    4. Her advocacy about those war went beyond cause and leaned heavily on personal attacks.

    5. The opposition is going to regurgitate the issue regarding double voting and how she avoided prosecution.

    6. She is going to be challenged on her commitment to traditional marriage – she volunteered to sit on the board of some same sex organization.

    7. Any and every tryst that is connected to some celebrity (assuming she has had any) will be fodder from Mr . Marr to “Kid Dynomite”

    8. Her astute political analysis is often couched in humor — however, it will be short cutted to something far less creative and damaging.

    I think Miss Coulter has made serious strides in shifting from political attack dog to political analysis and serious political advocate. But i am not convinced that she would want that level of serious scrutiny about who she is verses who she wants to be — the upside is that she has written plenty of books, the downside is that she has written plenty of books. Political office despite is ultimately about service. That service is a management function .

    If she were to take the matter seriously — she would have to choose a life of service above personal freedom to say and do largely as she pleases with little consequence, largely due to her wealth. One of the sad things about our political leadership is that it appears they have forgotten that service is a sacrifice, not a bid to hang out with the elites at the expense of citizens. Otherwise, reinforcing, replacing and building a wall would be a “no brainer” long overdue positive.

    That’s my view — if one were to take the matter seriously. Given the current polity of the international community slicing and dicing up the US to their liking, I am a tad leery of our foreign guests. However, one of the common understandings among foreigners from asia, the middle east and africa was the clear respect they had for teachers — because they immediately understood it as a higher calling than most any other occupation. Our political class has long ago lost that attribute — that of service.

    It would be interesting if Miss Coulter wanted to actually serve. I have long suspected that for women in her state, that the idea of serving, is a very tough haul. And perhaps that explains why she isn’t married, it requires sacrifice for both husband and wife — in her case it certainly is not wealth.

    As for President bush and his administration — I was a supporter. I could not in good conscience support either invasion or a permanent PA, which should have been a temporary measure.

  53. @J1234

    I appreciated the video

    Her position is not to the conduct itself, but to the conduct with an employee, in this worse in her view because the employed was an intern.

  54. JSessions says:

    Are you joking??? Jeff Sessions is singularly responsible for the failure, to date, of the Trump Presidency. His recusal from the bogus Russia investigation was completely unwarranted and was executed in a fashion that, in hindsight, can only be construed as a deliberate effort to sabotage Trump. There isn’t a lamp post in the land high enough nor a rope long enough to do justice for Sessions. If he had a shred of inegrity and decency he would kill himself.

  55. @J1234

    The problems here are:

    1. impeachment is only the case to bring charges

    2. it is not illegal for the executive to have affairs/liasons

    3. Miss Lewinski declined all bids to press any charge – she took responsibility for her choices

    4. the perjury charge was to personal conduct about acts that most people – (the public) render very private, even if said conduct is undesireable. On otherwords, people at that time were realistic, they understood exactly why the president parsed the word “sex” in the manner he did. That using this conduct as mere political fodder in this circumstance was a cheap shot. They did not approve of the conduct they immediately grasped that evasiveness. If Miss Lewinski had filed complaint, that would have changed the matter — but barring any complaint from her. Mr. Buckley expresses the public view quite clearly — people across the board are generally understood to be less than honest about indiscretions indiscretions —

    5. despite the attempts to dress the matter in political or moral acceptable rhetoric, Miss Coulter’s position was one of advocacy as opposed to an appeal to virtue. An appeal to virtue would not have been so unvirtuously contended in public arena in the details used by the leadership or advocates. And they did so without so much as a blush. I have to say, I blushed a lot during that entire episode. How conservatives and republicans handled the matter actually damaged them on the question of virtue. They apparently ignored the lessons of supreme court hearings.

    6. the history of the presidents who had adulterous relationships was brought to bear full and bright – the result, acknowledgement that presidents despite the appeal to virtuous engaged in behaviors that were not. One can be unvirtuous and not break the law. What Miss Coulter is contending is not virtue to impeachment, but virtue as to the character of the men and women we elect to office — they should be men and women of virtue and their service should reflect as much. While I am certainly an advocate for virtue, I would be hard pressed to make a case that a lack of virtue by definition is a crime. My personal or even christian offense does not a crime make.

    7. I fully understand wanting to give payback for what was done to President Nixon and especially Justice Thomas — very shoddy business. democrats wholly in the gutter

    8. The relevance of this exchange and I was delighted you provided it, is chocker block loaded with material prescient today —

    I fully agree with Miss Coulter there has definitely been an erosion of standard, but advocating for the same requires behaving in a virtuous manner. When the owner of Hustler magazine offered money for revelations about our political leadership — the gig was up — and it was deeply damaging to the integrity of the republican party. There’s are some very sound secular reasons why Jesus’s admonition about stone throwing has value.

  56. @J1234

    I am celibate. And all people of faith ought to be if they are not married. Do I want to make celibacy a law — (in my dreams) — no. But if someone asked me about whether or not I was chaste —- that is a much tougher question. Chasteness is a virtue and I am an advocate for chastity.

    But – I live in a real world — what say about my own fantasy life —

    How much “canoodling” disqualifies me for office – would present a might tricky standard.

  57. @Mr. Rational

    Say whatcha want. I like Pewitt.

    Yeah, he keeps saying the same things because … those things matter.

    Anyone running on the Pewitt Platform would get my vote.

  58. Jesus Christ. Ann Coulter is a paid mouthpiece. It is so painfully obvious.

    If you like what she says, that’s because she mouths well the talking points memos expressly designed to appeal to your stupid simple-minded conventional prejudices.

  59. @Northeast

    The US is an empire comprised of several different long-incubating nations that are waiting to be born. We need to get to thinking correctly about demographics before those nations break free of the imperial womb.

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