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The Alt-Right’s Asian Fetish (Audrea Lim):

The right-wing agitator Mike Cernovich, the writer John Derbyshire and an alt-right figure named Kyle Chapman (so notorious for swinging a lead-filled stick at Trump opponents at a protest in Berkeley, Calif., that he is now a meme) are all married to women of Asian descent. As a commenter wrote on an alt-right forum, “exclusively” dating Asian women is practically a “white-nationalist rite of passage.”

My blog has been recognized as an alt-right forum by the NYT, cool.

Admin of /r/hapas: 2017 full list of Neo-Nazis, alt-rights, conservatives, white supremacists who fetish / marry / date Asian women

He is clearly obsessed with the topic and overdoes the theme, but still, there’s a distinct pattern out there.

As I skipped classes to smoke in the courtyard, read Baudelaire to seem the “interesting” kind of smart and attempted to distance myself from the stereotypes, I didn’t know that the idea I wanted to run from — of Asians as civilized, advanced and highly intelligent — had roots in white supremacy.

The Chinese are market dominant minorities across swathes of South-East Asia to a far greater extent than in the US.

But you can have too much of a good thing, as evidenced by them getting repeatedly pogromed by Southern Mongoloid supremacists.

The main problem with white women, as many alt-right Asian fetishists have noted, is they’ve become too feminist.

Well, duh.


That said, one commenter suggests a more mundane reason for OP’s unhappiness: “Audrea is upset because not enough white guys have yellow fever for her. And she’s from Canada living in Brooklyn. She needs to go back.”

That’s what it usually boils down to.


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History – discoveries, revolutions, innovations – has always been made by the select few: The extraordinarily intelligent, and the extraordinarily driven and curious.

It is easy to proxy the former (IQ tests), but quantifying the latter is more difficult.

My suggestion: Look at the demographic composition of the “out of left field” groups whose equivalents would have met up at the 18th century coffee salons of London and Paris to discuss the separation of powers and the settlement of the Americas.

I did this for six such major communities:

Racial Demographics

Whites Asians Blacks Hispanics Jews S.Asians Other
US Census 2010 72.4% 4.8% 12.6% 16.3% ~2.0% ~1.0%
Occupy Wall Street 2011 81.2% 2.8% 1.6% 6.8% 7.6%
Burning Man 2014 87.0% 5.7% 1.3% 6.3% 6.3%+ 0.4%+ 4.9%
Transhumanists 2012 85.3% 3.3% 1.4% 1.3%+
LessWrong 2014 86.1% 3.9% 0.8% 2.1% ~9.4% 2.2% 3.9%
LessWrong 2016 87.3% 3.5% 0.4% 1.9% ~11.9% 1.9% 4.1%
Slate Star Codex 2018 88.0% 3.6% 0.5% 2.0% ~9.8% 2.4% 2.8%

Before we go further, I would argue that the H+/EA/LW-sphere are actually less conformist than both OWS and Burning Man. One is a standard Leftist protest movement, and not a particularly radical one at that, and while it was once countercultural, Burning Man has long been suborned by… well, The Man. To the contrary, discussing the efficacy of different nootropics, trying to quantify the conscious experience of a parakeet, and analyzing the different takeoff scenarios for superintelligence really is quite… eccentric, in the best sense of that very English word, not to mention a great deal more g-loaded than camping out in Central Park or the Nevada desert. I would wager that these people are some of the likeliest to achieve major successes in culture, science, and technology on a per capita basis.

The first thing that jumps out is the substantial underrepresentation of Hispanics, the severe underrepresentation of Blacks, and the astounding overrepresentation of Jews – a pattern present across all groups, but particularly extreme in the Rationalism sphere. This is no puzzle for non-IQ deniers, so I will leave this without further comment.

The second notable thing is the relative underrepresentation of Asians, and the overrepresentation of Whites; a pattern that holds even when you subtract Jews from Whites. This is especially puzzling when you consider that Asian-Americans (median age – 36) are considerably younger than American Whites (median age – 43), though perhaps this is counterbalanced by some fraction of them hiding out in the “Other” and/or multiracial categories.

It is however less of a puzzle to those aware of the “Asian Paradox” in HBD discussions – the tendency for East Asian nations to outperform White ones on IQ tests, but to underperform them on scientific output (e.g. Japan produces less elite science than either Germany or the UK, despite a higher average national IQ and a much bigger population of 127 million versus 82 million and 65 million, respectively) and even on economic productivity. 52 million South Koreans produce about as much elite science as 8 million Swiss, as proxied by the number of annual publications in Nature. This is despite Japan having no NAMs to drag its average down, as in the US and much of Europe.

This general pattern pertains to Asian Americans as well, which suggests that not only cultural/national factors are involved. Although they score substantially higher than American Whites on IQ tests, and are vastly overrepresented amongst elite college enrollments – around 40% at Caltech, and 15% at other colleges where they are discriminated against by affirmative action, according to the numbers compiled by Ron Unz – non-boring accomplishment tend to trail off after that point. For instance, (the Japanese researcher) Kenya Kura notes: “Among undergrads, 40% or more are Asians, but graduate students are something like 20% (depending on departments). Faculty members are well less than 10%.” (This is not a difference that can be wholly or even mostly ascribed to the different age structure of the White and East Asian population). On the other hand, they do go on to make a lot more money than Whites (something that SJW propagandists of “white privilege” studiously ignore). This suggests East Asians in particular have a proclivity towards taking the safe, conformist, socially respectable, path in life.

Incidentally, I would also note that the one “out of left field” group in which East Asians are slightly overrepresented is Burning Man (though this vanishes when you consider that many of its participants come from the West Coast). However, it has long ceased to be any sort of particularly subversive and countercultural undercurrent – certainly by 2014, which is when the cited survey was taken. Over the past several years, Burning Man has been trending its way into the Californian SWPL memeplex, complete with corporate endorsements, luxury camps for Silicon Valley oligarchs, and police crackdowns on its old freewheeling drugs and nudist culture. Can’t get much more straight-laced than that.


Tries hard to make a feminist point, but sort of makes the opposite one.

Sex Demographics

Men Women
Occupy Wall Street 2011 61.0% 37.5%
Burning Man 2014 58.2% 40.6%
Transhumanists 2012 90.1% 9.9%
LessWrong 2014 87.2% 11.9%
LessWrong 2016 83.6% 16.4%
Effective Altruism 2017 70% 26%
Slate Star Codex 2018 89.9% 10.1%

Women don’t differ much from men in terms of IQ (serious estimates range from equality to a 5 point disadvantage), though they do have thinner tails, so there are significantly fewer very intelligent women than there are very intelligent men and this starts to become an increasingly important factor from around IQ=130 or so. Moreover, women are marginally superior in terms of verbal IQ, which tends to correlate best with worldly success. However, as is well known, sex differences in human accomplishment is where pure IQ reductionism – despite its general successes – fails most thoroughly and consistently, regardless of 20th century feminist achievements (women accounted for 4% of Nobel Prize winners in literature and the sciences in 1900-1950, and 3% in 1950-2000).

Women have near parity in Burning Man participation and Occupy Wall Street. Neither are principally anti-systemic, both have a sort of a cool/fun factor to which ordinary people are drawn to, and OWS in particular has a marked Leftist tilt (politically, relative to men, women are conformist Leftists). However, the female share falls to around 10% in the rationalist-sphere, which is much more g-loaded (average IQ is at least 2 S.D. above the average), and where you can only really have fun if you have a very specific personality type (rational, open-minded, abstract, data-centric). If we are to assume that membership/participation in them can be considered a proxy for curiosity as well as IQ, and bearing in mind that the discovery threshold for major new scientific discoveries is perhaps another S.D. or two higher than for participating in those communities, then the lingering paucity of female achievement in those areas to this day becomes more intuitively understandable.

The Effective Altruism community is basically a less abstract/more practical extension of the rationalist community, with strongly charitably overtones, so women are more prevalent within it.


1. Sociological concepts like “structural oppression” has never explained anything well, so why should the “bamboo ceiling” be an exception? As opposed to qualities such as curiosity actually being important for management and CEO positions?

2. Maybe, just maybe – as John Derbyshire seems to have intuited – elite college discrimination against Asians actually serves a purpose?

At least if your goal is not fairness, or pure meritocracy, or increasing the supply of quality doctors and lawyers and engineers… but maximizing the rate of innovation.

3. There doesn’t seem to be any reason the above argument can’t be extended to women.

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Women are, fundamentally, conformists. That is, they choose the “handshakeworthy” option largely regardless of ideology.

In the West that would be the culturally pozzed mainstream, i.e. anything but nationalism or the hard right.

This explains the Alt Right’s dim views on women in politics, culminating in memes like “thot patrols” and “white sharia” at its extremes.

However, what constitutes “handshakeworthy” has differed down the ages.

Two to three generations ago, it was well known that European women voted relatively more for Christian conservative parties. In most countries, more women than men consider themselves religious, while far more men subscribe to outright atheism; a vast socio-demographic echo from centuries past, when religion was the bedrock of society as opposed to just another consumer item.

In Russia, the handshakeworthy electoral choice is the conservative/patriotic “party of power” United Russia, but not so much the nationalist LDPR, the communist KPRF, or Navalny’s liberals. Even so, as Vincent Law points out, Russian women are not any more pozzed than the men. This is a true observation, and it is reflected in political participation. While the American Alt Right is pretty much entirely male (when I met up with Richard Spencer & Co. in 2016, there were just one or two women out of fifty people, as I recall), in an equivalent gathering of Russian nationalists they’d constitute perhaps 20%. Which is about reflective of default male/female interest in politics, anyway.

Almost no women voted for the Nazis in the 1920s, even relative to the men, when they were still considered a freak-show; however, many more of them voted for religious nationalist parties, while far fewer voted for the Communists, while support for the Social Democrats was about equal across sexes. However, by the time of Germany’s last free elections, support for the Nazis by sex was equalizing. If a free vote had been held in Nazi Germany by the late 1930s, I suspect Hitler would have done relatively better with the women.

It is pretty incontrovertible that women tilt moderately left relative to men on economic matters. For instance, the historical extension of female suffrage in the American states was associated with the accelerated growth of the welfare state in those regions (Lott & Kenny 1999). (Though given the absolute barebones state of the safety net before that time, it’s not obvious that that was even a bad thing). This is also why I suspect that there was virtually no sex gap in support for the statist Marine Le Pen in France, versus a huge gap in support for the arch-capitalist Trump in the US.

I am not making any sort of normative point here, just pointing out how things work.

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Reuters poll:

We set out to find out which of these cities are safe for women – and which need to do more to ensure women are not at risk of sexual violence and harassment and harmful cultural practices and have access to healthcare, finance and education.

In each of the 19 megacities, we contacted 20 experts focused on women’s issues including academics, non-government organisation workers, healthcare staff, policy-makers, and social commentators.

Here is what they found:

Safety from “cultural practices”


Safety from sexual violence


In an earlier post I noted that Moscow is the last and only megacity in the world where Europeans remain a solid majority.

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Beta males are the builders of civilization. You just can’t do without them. If their interests aren’t catered for, society devolves into a tribalistic jungle.

When traditional mores – that is, the masculine norms that underpin civilization – collapse, female hypergamy is unleashed, leading eventually to soft polygamy. Ironically, this overwhelmingly benefits just a small minority of alpha males (the “alpha fucks, beta bucks” strategy, as per Heartiste – and confirmed by science).

(Incidentally, it is perhaps not surprising that we are seeing a gradual convergence between radical feminism and the “strong horse” of Islamism).

Becoming a player, or PUA, is a natural adaptation of the rational beta male to his environment. To remain in the sexual market he is going to mimic alpha traits, which is ultimately what “game” is all about. The reason many women consider players to be “creeps” is because game is a form of reproductive cheating.

There are many possible solutions to this, both individual and social.

One thing that’s definitely pointless, though, is to blame or resent women for following their instincts (except, perhaps, as instructional examples). It’s not something they have any control over. That is why the MRA crowd is little better than the radfems.

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Anatoly Karlin
About Anatoly Karlin

I am a blogger, thinker, and businessman in the SF Bay Area. I’m originally from Russia, spent many years in Britain, and studied at U.C. Berkeley.

One of my tenets is that ideologies tend to suck. As such, I hesitate about attaching labels to myself. That said, if it’s really necessary, I suppose “liberal-conservative neoreactionary” would be close enough.

Though I consider myself part of the Orthodox Church, my philosophy and spiritual views are more influenced by digital physics, Gnosticism, and Russian cosmism than anything specifically Judeo-Christian.