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Reuters poll:

We set out to find out which of these cities are safe for women – and which need to do more to ensure women are not at risk of sexual violence and harassment and harmful cultural practices and have access to healthcare, finance and education.

In each of the 19 megacities, we contacted 20 experts focused on women’s issues including academics, non-government organisation workers, healthcare staff, policy-makers, and social commentators.

Here is what they found:

Safety from “cultural practices”


Safety from sexual violence


In an earlier post I noted that Moscow is the last and only megacity in the world where Europeans remain a solid majority.

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Beta males are the builders of civilization. You just can’t do without them. If their interests aren’t catered for, society devolves into a tribalistic jungle.

When traditional mores – that is, the masculine norms that underpin civilization – collapse, female hypergamy is unleashed, leading eventually to soft polygamy. Ironically, this overwhelmingly benefits just a small minority of alpha males (the “alpha fucks, beta bucks” strategy, as per Heartiste – and confirmed by science).

(Incidentally, it is perhaps not surprising that we are seeing a gradual convergence between radical feminism and the “strong horse” of Islamism).

Becoming a player, or PUA, is a natural adaptation of the rational beta male to his environment. To remain in the sexual market he is going to mimic alpha traits, which is ultimately what “game” is all about. The reason many women consider players to be “creeps” is because game is a form of reproductive cheating.

There are many possible solutions to this, both individual and social.

One thing that’s definitely pointless, though, is to blame or resent women for following their instincts (except, perhaps, as instructional examples). It’s not something they have any control over. That is why the MRA crowd is little better than the radfems.

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Anatoly Karlin
About Anatoly Karlin

I am a blogger, thinker, and businessman in the SF Bay Area. I’m originally from Russia, spent many years in Britain, and studied at U.C. Berkeley.

One of my tenets is that ideologies tend to suck. As such, I hesitate about attaching labels to myself. That said, if it’s really necessary, I suppose “liberal-conservative neoreactionary” would be close enough.

Though I consider myself part of the Orthodox Church, my philosophy and spiritual views are more influenced by digital physics, Gnosticism, and Russian cosmism than anything specifically Judeo-Christian.