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She was a member of Aidar, which is known for its brutality and ill-discipline even relative to the other Ukrainian Neo-Nazi volunteer batallions.


Though she wasn’t seen much at the front, as there were more important matters to be seen to in the rest of Ukraine, such as corporate raids on “separatist” companies in her native Vinnitsya.

She might have participated in the incineration of the Odessa Trade Unions House, and certainly celebrated its anniversary in style.


EDIT: Glossy adds some background/translations.

In general, her VK profile (Russia’s Facebook) is… interesting. Chockablock with Nazi slogans and hatemongering of all sorts. You might want to check it out soon, since it’s like to be closed any hour now in light of recent events.


In her postings, she evidences a latent obsession with virile Russian men (see left), and the political and financial power of the Jews (see right):

The evil Jews rule us! But we’re even worse than them… we sold our grandfathers’ glory, and Jews tied us to their yoke! – Taras Shevchenko.

None of this was much of a hindrance to her getting featured on the front cover of Elle magazine (right EDIT: they even managed to mix this up, left).


And today, we come to the last of her adventures for what will hopefully be a long time.

On May 4th, two masked gunmen robbed a gas station, making away with 800 grivnas (40 US dollars). They shot the gas station attendant in the arm, threatened to kill him if he called the police, and made a getaway with a couple of other accomplices. He called the police anyway and they set off in pursuit. Their task was presumably made easier by the ПТН-ПНХ (“Putin go fuck yourself”) sticker attached to their vehicle, but this turned out badly for them, as the band took out automatic weapons and made cheddar cheese of the pursuing police jeep, killing one of them and putting the other three into a critical condition (one of whom later died). Both of the killed police officers happened to be former Berkut members, and one figured in a list of people who had allegedly persecuted Maidan activists. Life for people on such lists is dangerous in modern day Ukraine.

But back to the chase. Reinforcements were called up, cameras fixed their escape, and soon they were surrounded in their apartment hideout. One was killed in a standoff back by the vehicle, while the other three surrendered. After their arrests it soon became clear that they were also implicated in an earlier armed attack on a traffic police outpost on May 2nd that had not resulted in any casualties.

It soon emerged that the conspiracy stretched deeper, involving several other people including Vita Zaverukha, who has since been taken into custody as well.

The far right band had initially planned a terrorist attack on the May 1st parade in Kiev, but for whatever reason failed to carry through with it. The attack on the traffic police station was an attempt to acquire more weaponry. Vita Zaverukha was “tightly linked” with the three men suspected in the killings of the police officers, and participated directly in the May 2nd attack on the traffic police station. After that they upgraded their plans to a terrorist attack on Communists and World War 2 veterans in Kiev on Victory Day on May 9th. In a confession by one of the men posted to YouTube by the Ukrainian police, one “Vita” was supposed to have “covered” the gang while “Morgan” would fire at the veterans.

Only their puzzling but ultimate fortuitous turn towards pure banditry on May 4th saved potentially dozens of World War 2 veterans from cold-blooded murder at the hands of fascists 70 years after they had crushed their ideological forebears in open combat.

The modern Ukrainian state gives its pet Nazis a lot of leeway. For instance, in this video from late March – well after the Minsk II ceasefire – our heroine was filmed firing a grenade launcher on a civilian village. The video was soon scrubbed off YouTube, it being a war crime and all, but not before it was downloaded and reposted by Novorossiya supporters.

Nothing was done about this. But not even the Poroshenko regime can allow these Nazis to openly kill state officials and so blatantly undermine their putative monopoly on violence. She will now likely be going away to prison. As she herself pointed out, “the less time an action takes, the longer lasts its effect.”


Victory can only be achieved through radical action – agitation and murder. Meetings, pickets, and other shows will achieve nothing. Action should always be decisive. The less time an action takes, the longer lasts its effect.

Hopefully the effect lasts for a long time.

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Album contains the Russian version of this meme.

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Just in case you needed any more evidence Freedom House are complete, utter prostitutes.


This is about a country where journalists speaking out against mobilization are getting arrested, anti-regime sites get taken down by the secret services, far right thugs raid leftist and anti-Maidan newspapers, and an officially sanctioned website lists the names and addresses of anti-regime “terrorists and propagandists,” who are steadily committing “suicide” or getting openly and unshamedly offed, like the late Oles Buzina.

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The following leaflets are being spread in Slavyansk, a once focal point of the Donbass resistance that was recaptured by Ukrainian forces in July last year:



How to recognize your typical separatist?

  • Calls for the entry of Russian troops or suggests surrendering to Russia.
  • Propagandizes Russian symbols and spreads the idea of the “Russian world.”
  • Denigrates the values of the Ukrainian people, expresses doubts about the fact of the existence of the Ukrainian nation, Ukrainian language, etc.
  • Spreads rumors about the non-existent threats to the Russian language or Russian speakers in Ukraine.
  • Denigrates Ukrainian state symbols – the flag, national anthem, coat of arms, etc.
  • Praises the so-called DNR and LNR.
  • Portests against military mobilization.
  • Initiates events in which people call for overthrow of the government and mass riots.
  • Spreads lies and inflames interethnic hatred (racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism).
  • Promotes fear, panic, and defeatist attitudes.

A SEPARATIST IS EVEN SOMEONE WHO AGITATES AGAINST MOBILIZATION OR AWAITS PUTIN’S ARRIVAL! Punishment: 7-12 years imprisonment (Article 110 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code).

If you have encountered a case of separatism, please call the SBU or the government hotline and record the evidence on your phone, video recorder, photo camera.

0 800 507 309 – Government hotline

0 800 501 482 – SBU hotline

Toll free from landline phones.

Useless to argue the morals of this; it is justified or not depending on your particular partisan sympathies and the consistency of any convictions you might have on free speech, etc. So I won’t bother.

I will however make a few wider points:

1) The utter hypocrisy (and hardheaded practicality) of a regime that came to power through an illegal coup on a wave of mass riots now banning the same thing that got them into power in the first place. And of course the incredibly hardline restrictions on free speech implicit in all this, which are and will continue to be abused (Your neighbor’s dog is too loud? Maybe he’s a separatist!).

Lest one think this all just talk, consider the case of Ruslan Kotsaba, a (West Ukrainian!) journalist arrested for making a video in which he came out against mobilization, which is strictly speaking without legal basis during a time in which war has not been declared, i.e. up till now. He faces up to 15 years in prison. This is just what is probably the most visible case; there have been sackings, denunciations, business shakedowns, arrests, and imprisonments for non violent expressions of different opinion (or allegations of such) on a scale that would have saved Yanukovych’s “bloody regime” had he been even a tenth as ruthless.


2) A corrolary is that the results of opinion polls, which generally show drastic declines in attitudes towards Russia, while certainly real at some level, surely overstate the level of the decline. If you live in Kharkov and some unknown person phoned you and asked you for your opinions on Crimea then you’d have to be fairly brave or at least confident that you are dealing with an ethical pollster before voicing any opinion that goes against the Maidan party line.

3) As the Ukrainian economy plummets into the abyss with a helping hand from the IMF, the incidence of repressions (of which witchhunts for separatists is but a part) is ratcheting up and this process will continue further because after all they will have all been organized by Russia. After all, what possible valid reason could a pensioner with skyrocketing heating bills and devalued savings living on $50 a month have for opposing the oligarchs who rule Ukraine? And with the regime having promoted plenty of Neo-Nazis to positions of power, who’ll be happy enough to crack heads while the money continues flowing.

The fact that the regime is driven to such repressive measures is an indication that it does not enjoy firm and overwhelming support from the population. With things likely to get much worse before they get better, it is only a matter of time before the regime will have to drop what remains of its liberal democracy European values facade.

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Junta, Ukraine, Ukrainian Crisis 
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