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I don’t know about that.

That said, it does have several… what we might diplomatically call dubious distinctions.

So far as I’m aware, it is the only country in the in the world to kick off its independence with literal white genocide – the real deal, not some half-hearted ethnic cleansing.

It is now the poorest, lowest IQ, most dysfunctional country in the western hemisphere.

And it also appears to be one of the very few countries in the world that is poorer today than it was back in the 1940s.


Whereas Haiti was once level pegging with the Dominican Republic, there is now a more than twofold gap between the two. No doubt on account of the Dominican Republic’s superior environmental practices. /s

Even Communist Cuba has done far better.


On the positive side, at least they vote in line with the the wishes of the Jewish Lobby at the UN, unlike those Norwegian socialists. That makes them real American conservatives.

PS. Sputnik and Pogrom reaction: “While Putin imports hordes of “talented and hard-working” Gastarbeiters into the RF, who give the country “massive advantages for development,” Trump is calling Haiti and Nigeria “shitholes” and is demanding the US import Norwegians. What an anti-multinational bastard!

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