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This is one of the most powerful websites I have ever encountered.

Can anything possibly come close to its power levels?

• Tags: Humor, Trolling 
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  1. songbird says:

    What about that Israeli probe heading to the moon? Probably in order to turn its full mass into ZOG-bots – Von Neumann was a Jew also.

  2. neutral says:

    On the topic of Andrew Anglin, he has finally given up on Trump. He was long in denial with regards to Trump and Israel, it must be hard to him to come to terms that all his “God emperor” talk was rubbish.

    • Replies: @Jayce
  3. Daniel Ivandjiiski (ZeroHedge guy) is 100% Bulgarian. The site motto alone (“On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero”) can tell you that much.

    His father is a nobody. His lоw level service for commie institutions was brought up during the “unmasking” of ZeroHedge by Bloomberg to allege a ROG conspiracy , but I guess it can also be used to prove connections to the ZOG as required.

    Mainstream western journalists are only slightly less powerful than this site.

    • Replies: @reiner Tor
  4. I keep forgetting. Is Matthew Heimbach the guy who is schtupping his father-in-law’s wife or is Heimbach the father-in-law?

    (It’s a second wife; not his wife’s mom. Toss aside those disgusting thoughts.)

  5. Jayce says:

    In a few days he’ll post a screed about how #YangGang was all his idea from the start and insist he never unironically supported Trump.

  6. Patriot says:


    Please explain what your post means!

    What are you trying to say, demonstrate or prove by the above posting?

    Your job and value as a blogger is to clearly communicate, and that includes clarifying things for your readers.

    • Replies: @HJG
    , @Mitleser
    , @Daniel Chieh
  7. (((Lana Lokteff)))!!!!



    I don’t see VoxDay’s name on the list.

    so I guess I’ll still go there.

    but what about

    that guy…what’s his name…ohyeah,

    (((Ron Unz)))?

    • Replies: @Sean
    , @WHAT
  8. Max Payne says:

    Congratulations on your promotion:

    Anatoly Karlin – Jewish – Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (G.R.U.) contractor

    • LOL: Spisarevski
    • Replies: @El Dato
  9. Yevardian says:

    I’ll let Glossy know right away.

  10. anon[350] • Disclaimer says:

    Not to get conspiratorial, but it’s common practice for governments to spread this kind of disinformation in an attempt to sow dissent within the ranks of opponents. The FBI, for instance, did this with the mob all the time. The US government spends well over $100 million annually – or at least they were before Trump – on both foreign and domestic propaganda efforts. What do you think they are spending it on? Undoubtedly, some on anti-Russian and anti-Chinese propaganda. Check out the myriad anti-Chinese propaganda channels on YouTube as an example (very well funded and produced with mysterious backers). But also, I would assume they’ve contracted private companies to produces dozens of fake websites like this one along with millions of fake social media bot accounts to influence popular opinion.

    “it must be hard to him to come to terms that all his “God emperor” talk was rubbish.”

    He’ll likely sour on Yang after he’s defeated and humiliated in the primaries. I think the next logical step for Anglin is advocating one of the following: 1) regional separatism within the US 2) European identity, perhaps European separatism from the US as revenge for oppression domestically. You see some bit of the latter taking place with alt-lite girls like LS. I believe on her Facebook she no longer sports the MAGA hat but a European identity shirt.

    • Replies: @republic
  11. El Dato says:
    @Max Payne

    The problematic part of the job is that you have to visit lots of fugly places in England-of-the-Endtimes, and pretend to look at churches etc.

    • Replies: @HJG
  12. @Spisarevski

    The site motto of Zero Hedge is from the movie Fight Club.

    Zero Hedge is not a very good site, but it’s pretty anti-establishment and also Russophile, so there’s that.

    • Replies: @HJG
    , @Spisarevski
    , @republic
  13. Sean says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    To paraphrase Apocalypse Now: accusing someone of being a Jewish hireling on is like handing out speeding tickets at the Indy 500.

  14. HJG says:
    @El Dato

    fugly places in England-of-the-Endtimes, and pretend to look at churches

    Salisbury is actually very nice, cretinous yank

  15. HJG says:
    @reiner Tor

    It speaks well of the Bulgarian that he hasn’t seen that obvious metaphor for homosexuality

    • Replies: @reiner Tor
  16. HJG says:

    It’s Anatoly’s confession that he is in fact a Zionist-Rothschild-Jew and a ZOG double agent in ROG

  17. Mitleser says:

    Please explain what your post means!

    Anatoly Karlin: I avoid pork for non-Jewish reasons.

    • Replies: @reiner Tor
  18. @reiner Tor

    The site motto of Zero Hedge is from the movie Fight Club.

    I know. It was a tongue in cheek reference to our supposed pessimism (every foreigner who spends some time here is going to say at some point that we are too pessimistic).

    Zero Hedge is not a very good site

    Oh, you haven’t seen the site of his father. ZeroHedge after all has a global audience, has been “profitable from the start” and isn’t too ugly or dysfunctional. The site (meaning “top secret”) is a yellow cesspit of the lowest order with mashed up content in Bulgarian, English and Russian (even though it’s only targeted to Bulgarians) and with a ridiculous and useless google translate bar at the top.

    The apple has fallen far from the tree in this case tbh.

    • Replies: @Hyperborean
  19. republic says:
    @reiner Tor

    Zero Hedge was at one time a very good site, it had some of the best commentators in the alternative media, but since I first started looking at that site early in this decade, I noticed that some of the very best commentators such as Bank Guy from Brussels were suddenly purged mainly because they started giving very detailed information about Zionists and the Jews and the Holocaust.

    There are theories that Jewish interests purchased the site in order to curtail its comment section.

    • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
  20. WHAT says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    How could you, considering he still shills for zionist cock gobbler Drumpf?!

    • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
  21. donnyess says: • Website

    My observation is that white Americans in the top 20-percent tend to breed within their pedigrees and family histories. The top chess player today (all times) is pure blooded Nordic not Jewish…the clear number two guy is pure blooded Italian not Jewish. The world makes sense…the racial sky is not falling.

    Kasparov lost to a computer 20 years ago. The whole Einstein/Kasparov restoration thing is something intellectual snobs write up in their books so they can sell them, not because it’s interesting or informative.

    It’s worth noting that Counter Currents Publishing site is blocked at my public library. My own small web page up on Neocities got bounced from Bing Search long time ago.

  22. @republic

    as Jew-wise “Compassionate Fascist”

    I was kicked off ZH well before it was sold.

    if anything, there’s even more Jew-baiting on the ZH threads now

    than there was then; here is one of my favorites:

    The way threads morph over time

    is a study in itself. BTW, where is Tiny Duck??

    I hope nothing awful has happened to him/it.

    • Replies: @republic
  23. @WHAT

    VoxDay’s site is highly intelligent and generally Jew-wise.

    ditto his posse.

    he does have a few odd affectations – Trump, Israhell, monkeyball – which

    I attribute to local Italian atmospherics.

    • Replies: @WHAT
  24. Denis says:

    That site has to be a joke.

    Sam Hyde is on the list for crying out loud.

  25. @Spisarevski

    The site (meaning “top secret”) is a yellow cesspit of the lowest order with mashed up content in Bulgarian, English and Russian (even though it’s only targeted to Bulgarians) and with a ridiculous and useless google translate bar at the top.

    It’s funny though. Here’s an article by Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya) claiming that the USA, Illuminati, Rosicrusians, Mossad, etc. are mere branches of the centre of evil that is Britain.

    (For those who don’t know, Oktar is an Islamic creationist cult leader with a very large collection of “dolls”).

    • Replies: @WHAT
    , @neutral
  26. Gerard2 says:

    It’s entirely plausible that the most OTT anti-semitic websites are psy-ops..or at least several are.
    Karlin at his worst looks like he is merely manipulating the pro-Russia/alt-right market in order to gain readers whilst ultimately promoting sickening anti-Russian filthy is a clever and expected tactic of conmen.

    How else to explain lowlife excrement as the batshit crazy mother of the pig Miriam Elder going onto Karlin’s blog to complain?….those type of reptiles are of the “I don’t know anybody who voted for Putin – so nobody voted from him” type of moron thinking. They are not going to have read Karlin’s blog unless they are working with him. This is my learned theory.

    It also almost explains how a fake, joke scumbag state as Ukraine has a jewish(secretly) President, a jewish PM ..may well have a new Jewish President…..but is still completely a Nazi state, controlled by the Americans.

    This shouldn’t distract from the fact that many prominent jews are great patriots of Russia.

    • LOL: Anatoly Karlin
    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
    , @Dmitry
  27. Mr. Hack says:

    It also almost explains how a fake, joke scumbag state as Ukraine has a jewish(secretly) President, a jewish PM ..may well have a new Jewish President…..but is still completely a Nazi state, controlled by the Americans.

    Why don’t you do the world a favor and explain how this seemingly incongruous situation really exists?…

  28. republic says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    this Zerohedge comment got bankguy banned

    no one write comments like that anyone at ZH


    As befitting someone like Reggie Middleton who shills for the CIA’s Google …
    Reggie makes an ‘article’ copying and pasting from the CIA’s Wikipedia
    Was proven years ago that thousands of ‘edits’ in Wikipedia are made from gov intel at known
    CIA – intel IP addresses (Wired magazine)

    Links to Wikipedia, a CIA-Mossad website, support lies and hoaxes that kill innocent people. –
    Better to take a few seconds to find a more reliable link, than help such criminals.
    Even if a Wiki link has some truth at the moment, 5 minutes later it can all be changed to sell
    CIA, NSA, or Mossad lies.
    CIA and Mossad laugh when people link to Wikipedia – loving extra support for their crimes and

    The ‘trick’ of the CIA’s Wikipedia is to have 90% of info appear ‘neutral’, content supplied by
    ‘useful idiots’ on topics the CIA finds unimportant –
    So that giant enormous lies can be inserted on Wikimedia, whenever the CIA or Mossad want to
    deceive people, on targeted victims and ‘special’ topics, like US or Israeli dissidents.
    The fraud ‘founder’ of Wikipedia, Israeli-Mossad and CIA asset Jimmy Wales, is so high up in
    Mossad, he goes to intimate birthday parties of the President of israel (documented by radical
    Israeli journalist Barry Chamish)

    Jimmy Wales was originally a pornography pusher, where Wales’ willingness to support any sick
    crime, to help violate children, to lie or help kill innocent people, led him to be the CIA’s choice
    to run the CIA Wikipedia project, and become the biggest internet fraudster in the world.
    Google Inc. – also a CIA contractor company, developed with CIA money – Google artificially
    pushes and pumps CIA partner Wikipedia, to make Wiki a dominant source of CIA and Mossad
    false information.
    Lies on the CIA’s Wikipedia are intentionally multiplied over and over, in search results via the
    CIA’s Google, at the top of search results, to crush and erase the truth.
    So with only two CIA websites – Google Inc. and Wikipedia – the USA and Israel have achieved
    massive internet dominance of false information.
    Wales and his staff give Wikipedia support to US and Israeli figures involved in the sickest
    crimes, violating the bodies of children or spreading lies to smear and murder US or Israeli

    « Wikipedia, a fabrication of Israel’s intelligence services. They control Wikipedia and use it to
    provide cover for war crimes, smear campaigns and as cover for espionage operations … Many
    Wikipedia “editors” are, in fact, terrorists, spies or highly disturbed persons » – Gordon Duff,
    Editor, Veterans Today
    « Wikipedia is hailed by Zionist Israel as “…the major source of information in the world.” They
    even advertise, with standard Zionist chutzpah, that Wikipedia is “…under constant, paid review
    of Zionist assets.” » – Veterans Today, citing the following article…
    Wikipedia, the key Israel – US gov tool for planting disinfo on the web … no serious journalist
    ever quotes that CIA shite-site like Reggie does above

  29. @Patriot

    The capability to successfully read his blog is an IQ test.

  30. @Daniel Chieh

    When can we expect regular comments again?

    We need people with access to the long lost ancient art of Chinese hieroglyphs.

    • Replies: @Daniel Chieh
  31. Dmitry says:

    I don’t think Karlin is anti-Russia at all. And I think he’s just independent blogger, who writes his personal opinions without caring what people think about him.

    See how he doesn’t propagandize much – he never persuades anyone to change their viewpoint about anything. He also seems to not care whether his readers agree with him, which is a civilized position.

    His views are a bit unpredictable. Usually he is very liberal, but then sometimes he writes something antiliberal (like supporting American nuclear bombs on Hiroshima).

    I guess that unpredictable views are a good strategy for professional blogger, as it attracts diverse audience, more debates, and more people revisiting the blog.

  32. republic says:

    In the Soviet Union, Operation INFEKTON, was a disinformation campaign to spread the rumor that the US government invented AIDS/HIV

  33. WHAT says:

    He`s not that far off. It`s just that center of said evil is not some anglo shmuck, but a certain banking dynasty.

  34. WHAT says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    Well, I myself do read him from time to time.
    His posse only engages in asskissing though.

  35. @reiner Tor

    Hopefully soon. I have been accumulating the wisdom of object databases and the power of trying to get my fat percentage down to 19% along with raising the Anointed Child.

    • Agree: Anatoly Karlin
  36. neutral says:

    An Islamic cultist with a Christmas tree.

    • Replies: @Hyperborean
  37. @Daniel Chieh

    Very happy to see you back! I was beginning to wonder…

    • Replies: @Anarcho-Supremacist
  38. @neutral

    An Islamic cultist with a Christmas tree.

    Some of his ideas are strange (i.e. plastic surgery and makeup for women pleases Allah, who appreciates beauty), but I think his creationist tracts at least are based on Coranic theology.

  39. AmRusDebate says: • Website

    Karlin has been very transparent about his origins. He’s posted his own DNA tests, and described his genealogy. Daft Anti-Semites who see a Jew in every nose five degrees off from a 45% slope, assume that Karlin must be a Jew simply..well…because they spend their lives in Appalachia. As Karlin explains himself, the etymology of his name is often presented in a two-fold manner, one of which does include the possibility of Hassidic links, but these are absent in his case, indicating a parental descent from the mainstream “Karliner” German derived Eastern European variety, not the Hassidic. This Karlin is no different in his surname’s origin than the famous George Carlin. Anatoly looks no different than the average South-Eastern European where most of his DNA puts him. I think it is harder to find someone more clear about this issue.

    That said, the reason sites such as The Zog manage to pique the interest of intelligent readers, is that there is a completely lack of transparency in a far more important aspect of the cultural production which we consume. Finance.

    As long as readers can’t know who pays for content production, we can be played for all we are worth. Who backs the AlexJones, the Unz and Taki mags relates to the credibility of the content we consume. Alternative media is more opaque than mainstream about its finance and is therefor more partial to scurrilous influences.

    Take Karlin as a case in point. Jew non-Jew? Is this important? Why suggest he works for Russia? Wouldn’t it be far more reasonable that he works for the United States? Take a look at Karlin’s activities in the Russian language, and you quickly discover relationships that go beyond the mere guest blogger of Unz Review. You find active collaboration with Sputnik and Pogrom, a pay-walled webzine of the Russian right, a movement facing far more scrutiny in Russia than anything the Alt-Right faces in America. Pogrom is a Russian Nationalist, whose sources of revenue are completely opaque. He does regular interviews with Karlin, and Karlin writers for the webzine.

    Karlin has family in Russia, who follow his own VK content. This isn’t doxing, this is open content. Please don’t suggest I’m trying to dig into the man’s past or suggest doxing. I am not! The point of what I am saying, is that from a Russian perspective, someone like Karlin is more likely to be an irritant in Putin’s side, and hence more probably an agent of US interest, than vice versa, and that depending on his own financial situation, and family, the argument can be made in both ways.

    Anyone looking at Karlin’s VK page, will wonder about his followers base, and …a traditionally way for governments to influence operatives – pressuring nationally based families – it would be interesting to know how these relatives view their own ethnic heritage in the Russian and American context, since ethnicity is usually a family affair, and is not down to a single individual, and since Karlin has been more open than anyone, with his own DNA, but has left occasional hints of “not culturally Jewish” in a way that has opened him up to precisely the kind of claims puzzling us on the Zog website.

    In one specific post Karlin himself describes the five waves of Russian immigrants to America. While I have qualms with the outlines of the post, I wonder how Karlin’s family, rather than he himself, relate to the Jewish contingent in Russian immigrant circles, since ethnic Russian themselves tend to be as partial to the Jew meme as are Karlin’s English language Alt-Right readers.

    Incidentally in a 2018 Russian language post on his Russian based site ( , Karlin states that Jews are Americas leading Russophobes. I haven’t been able to replicate the results on the poll which he links (insufficient data error) and the AudaciousE blog link is invitation only.

    One has to search on Unz, to come up with Karlin’s source ( )
    Note the extremely small sample size. Reminding us that a larger sample size showed a clear age related distribution of Russophobia amongst America’s Jews: (even here there is a replication error, as in replicating the data that AudaciousE uses. To which I suggest you guys should start being more rigorous how you present the data, since you’re required to tweak the data in ways that is not intuitive and is open to charges of manipulation).

    Virtually nothing is transparent on the internet, and this lack of transparency makes it very easy to set up sites like the Zog. Since the Alt-Right refuses or lacks the courage to organize openly as a movement, allowing its civil liberties to be circumscribed and preferring the digital alternative of a corporate dominated “public space” it’s easy to sow confusion and division. No one can be trusted to be what they claim to be. Everyone ends up with some kind of odd combination of backers, sponsors, ties, that are beyond the purview of ordinary readers in this or that single country or linguistic space, and rather than ask questions about Karlin’s Jewishness or non-Jewishness to the point of it becoming a pathological obsession, why not ask where the people we read the most, earn their living, and also how exactly they come up with their data!

    Who pays the piper is the real question, not ethnicity.

    I think if would help, if 1) sites were more transparent about their financing, including the Unz review. 2) if there were more public, less digital organizations, as I argued in my Charlottesville article (i.e. here: When freedom of expression is glued to digital mediums, it is practically speaking dead in the real world. 3) if there was greater rigor in presenting data, so we don’t end up with the impression Karlin and AudaciousE tweak the numbers and generate their own graphs with the possibility of misleading readers.

    Taking someone at their word, is the first step towards being shocked by a New York Times expose when the MSM want to take the Alternative Scene to task, exposing us all as native dupes critical about the MSM, but not the Alt-MSM we have now come to rely on for our information. We’ll then be dragged out as having double-standards, being in hypnotic thrall, yada yada, but it will be our own fault.

    • Replies: @Anatoly Karlin
  40. @AmRusDebate

    You find active collaboration with Sputnik and Pogrom, a pay-walled webzine of the Russian right, a movement facing far more scrutiny in Russia than anything the Alt-Right faces in America. Pogrom is a Russian Nationalist, whose sources of revenue are completely opaque. He does regular interviews with Karlin, and Karlin writers for the webzine.

    It is pretty funny and bizarre how some people insist on associating me with Prosvirnin when (1) I wrote a grand total of one article for SiP, uncompensated; (2) have appeared a 3-4 times on his livestreams, as have literally DOZENS of other bloggers (not all of them even nationalists), including some rather well known ones like Kashin.

    While my personal relations with Prosvirnin are just fine, there are tons of issues that I disagree about with him. I even wrote a large article about one of them:

    … who follow his own VK content

    Where I have perhaps 5 updates and which I check about once a month.

    1) sites were more transparent about their financing, including the Unz review.

    Thank you for your very important advice. Perhaps it would be a bit more credible if you weren’t an Anon.

  41. @Anatoly Karlin

    Can you convince Unz to add a “Retarted” option in the button choices? Thank you. I think “Patriots” comment is going to be the best case ever for it.

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