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Out of Session
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The guy who temporarily replaces him is a powerlifting PC gamer.

POWERFUL nomination!

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Politics, United States 
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17 Comments to "Out of Session"
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  1. neutral says:

    such as criminalizing in-game microtransactions.

    More seriously, one can hope that this man is aware of the hard left censorship drive happening in Silicon Valley and that he can start waging lawfare on what are essentially propaganda organs of the Democrats.

    • Replies: @Dart
  2. @ AK: Your suggestion is an absolut must. EA should be classified as a terror-outfit.

  3. Serrice says:

    Criminalise mobile games full stop. Oh, and fortnite.

  4. Dart says:

    What makes you think they weren’t aware of it before?

  5. notanon says:

    pretty significant

    either Trump’s public spats with Sessions over the Mueller probe were genuine or they were theater to distract from Sessions was working on behind the scenes.

    so i guess we’re about to find out which.

  6. notanon says:

    for those who know what it means BAP is spot on imo

  7. Trump has forced or is forcing Pelosi’s hand he’s going to get impeached.

  8. Sean says:

    That looks like some kind of Olympic weightlifting exercise to me.

    • Replies: @Dave Pinsen
  9. anonymous[391] • Disclaimer says:

    Gamer Shirrako posted a video of him killing an NPC-SJW(suffragette/feminist) in Red Dead Redemption 2… and gets banned.

  10. Off topic–I have never sold a fucking thing in Russia.

    But the products I offer are useful in Russia. They’re not covered by sanctions.

    Can Karlin introduce me to anyone?

    Willing to go to Moscow, and also willing to fly people to my factory here in Wisconsin.

    My products are genuinely excellent for the record and do not exist in Russia.

    • Replies: @Anatoly Karlin
  11. @Thorfinnsson

    Speculation – Russia’s electric grid is extremely reliable (opposite of India where you say you have a lot of business), while not having the high density of high precision manufacturing that would create a high demand for high quality electrical engineering solutions (that you’d see in East Asia or Mitteleuropa).

    Most of my social circle that is involved in the “real” economy (i.e. not journalism, nor PR, not finance) is in software and IT (this being Moscow). And I’m not familiar with the industry or your products. So a “someone” does not immediately spring to mind, but I do know someones who may know that someone.

    Anyhow, I believe you know my email! :) Obviously best not to discuss any of the finer details here.

    • Replies: @Thorfinnsson
  12. @Anatoly Karlin

    I have a product which works in countries with reliable power. Very popular in North America at the moment, will take it to market in the Caribbean and Western Europe in 2019. I particular industrial panel builders love it,

    I do indeed have your e-mail, and also need work with you on the meetup we’ve talked about. My father now reads the Unz Review and is willing to host our fearless commenters in the South of France for a meeting.

    • Replies: @Guillaume Tell
  13. A very Thorfinnsson song:

    I hope you all make some money.

    Especially German_reader.

  14. More important is WHERE Whitaker played college football and for whom he played.

    He played tight end and fullback at the University of Iowa, where he was coached by a crazy (in a good way) and innovative man, Hayden Fry.

    Fry was the only coach I’ve ever seen deploy the tight end as a man standing on the end of the line. He believed the position would improve the tight end’s vision of the field, while not hurting his blocking job.

    It was crazy, and totally cool.

    This more than makes up for Whitaker’s stupid-looking Asian tattoo.

  15. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    It’s the rack position on a power clean, which is popular in Crossfit and Starting Strength. The Olympic version is the regular, or squat clean, that’s the first part of the clean & jerk.

  16. keuril says:

    I guess he could also get there from a hang clean. Either way, an impressive amount of weight.

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