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He Got Divided Instead
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Could this be the strongest case of the Assad curse yet??

• Category: Humor • Tags: Assassinations, Saudi Arabia 
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  1. The arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward irony.

    • LOL: Anatoly Karlin
  2. I have struggled to figure out exactly who Khashoggi was working for, or who he was aligned with, at the end.

    One possibility, Turkey, and that he was a casualty of the Saudi-vs-Turk struggle over the Muslim Brotherhood. Turkey has been at odds with America, Erdogan’s party is tied to the Brotherhood, and the Brotherhood has lost ground throughout the region… so it makes sense that the Brotherhood would shift its strategy towards change in Saudi Arabia itself.

    Then there are America’s own ties to the Brotherhood, a Cold War relationship which later reached its apotheosis under Obama, when (I believe) America for a time went along with Erdogan’s vision of Turkey’s Islamist democracy being joined by Arab Islamist democracies.

    Perhaps this is what happened. Under Obama, promotion of liberal democracy was a strategic weapon – color revolutions and so forth. Saudi Arabia was one of the few countries spared this. Now under Trump, official America has become much more friendly with other authoritarian nationalist regimes.

    Obama’s globo-democrats are now busy running the #resistance at home; but they finally discovered a reason to subvert Saudi Arabia too, since the Saudis embraced Trump. So I’m seeing an alliance between pro-Brotherhood ex-CIA liberals like John Brennan, the overtly pro-Brotherhood faction in Turkey, and Saudi sympathizers of the Brotherhood, like Khashoggi.

  3. Serrice says: • Website

    Assad must have racked up at least 50 major political and media figures by now. Including three Australian PMs as far as I’m aware.

    • Replies: @Jayce
    , @WHAT
  4. Jayce says:

    All those lame brown kids were just a red herring: we know who the “butcher” is really targeting.

  5. WHAT says:

    All things considered, amazing fragcount. Imagine the points he is going to rack in at the end of the match!

  6. Epigon says:

    Can’t Mossad the Assad!

  7. The Lion of Damascus is truly a champion with God on his side.

  8. It’s fair to say that Khashoggi is a very divisive issue. I’m sure the Turks will want to reclaim those bits of Khashoggi that supported their cause. There’s bound to be some attached to the floor or walls of the Consulate.

  9. anon[128] • Disclaimer says:

    When in doubt, bet on the guy with the beautiful wife.

  10. Bill H says: • Website

    So, Should America have been divided when Sherman marched on Atlanta?

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