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Some 47% of Russians watched the pre-election debates between Zyuganov (Communists), Zhirinovsky (Liberal Democrats, i.e. nationalists) and Bogdanov (Democratic). (Medvedev decided against participating). Here’s a scene from when they thought they were off-camera, in which the ever colorful Zhirinovsky shows us how to debate properly.


Here are a few nuggets of his wisdom to live by:

You don’t know you to moderate, I’ll moderate myself!

He’s a scoundrel. Look at his face! Sick man! Schizoid! Look, any psychologist will tell you he’s insane!

Get out of the studio! Get the hell out of the studio, bastard! I’ll rip your head off! Take him out and shoot him in the corridor!

Here’s our last election related video. It was quite good, at least until the liberal whining at the end.
In Russia there are many people could rule the country, very many. So who might be the next President, who? Me! We all know nobody disagrees. Because no-one else wants to pull the chestnuts out of the fire! – Vladimir Vladimirovich, 2008.

(Republished from Sublime Oblivion by permission of author or representative)
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