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Dynamic Map of Russia's Borders 1462-2018
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Cool, useful resource here: Границы России 1462-2018 гг

Associated video below:

Couple of infographics to go along with that:

Russian territory over time.

Territories gained/lost by each ruler.

Biggest gainz: Mikhail Romanov & Alexey Mikhailovich (Siberia).

Biggest losers: Gorbachev, Lenin

• Category: History • Tags: Russia 
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  1. Boris N says:

    They are definitely wrong about Vasily III. They must have confused minus and plus. Vasily III added Smolensk, a very important city.

    Mikhail Romanov actually lost it later as well as the Neva estuary (OK, he was very young and it was the aftermath of the Time of Troubles).

    Fyodor III only lost a few small cities along the PL border (he also was very young).

    Good maps:

  2. El Dato says:

    There should be a “fuzzy set approach” to such maps.

    If the empire claims a square of x km², start with fuzzy membership value of 1.0, and then decrease:

    1) Reduce value depending on density of population
    2) Reduce value if neighbouring empires also claim the square as their own
    3) Reduce value if neighbouring empires actually have the power to take the square over by force
    4) Reduce value if population doesn’t know that it is part of the empire, doesn’t give a toss, doesn’t like to be part of the empire, holds a grudge and/or has long memories

    Then the fat green would be replaced by a nice density map that would lead to long evening discussions.

  3. Mr. XYZ says:

    Anatoly, what do you think that the ideal historical borders for Russia would have been?

  4. The Polish incursions in the Time of Troubles were ignored.

    • Replies: @Anatoly Karlin
  5. @Philip Owen

    So was WW2.

    The map clearly focuses on the formal recognized territory of whichever polity is in control of Russia in any one year.

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