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Man who "ran the CIA" offers an entirely new perspective
BillClinton Kippe
General Patton U.S. commemorative stamp, issued in 1953.  Credit: Wikimedia Commons.
It Reaches Manhattan, Doubtless Due to Continental Drift
ID1974 /
Would Trump’s Defeat Be Blamed On Jews?
Donald Trump gives a pro-Israel speech to AIPAC--which then apologized for hosting him.
Gino Santa Maria /
Ververidis Vasilis /
And At Least One GOP Establishmentarian Gets Him
America the inexorable
Hillary flags
I’m a Bernie Sanders Voter, And Here’s Why I’ll Vote Trump
a katz /
How Daily Beast Editor, Michael Weiss Helped Send Iranian-American to Torture Chambers of Evin Prison
The evidence is clear — but often ignored
The Goddamdest Stupid Idea I Have Ever Heard, and I Have Lived in Washington
Ververidis Vasilis /
Can Coups Defeat Elected Governments?
a katz /
Michael Morell "Calls it like he sees it." Or does he?
Michael Morell
Evgeny Sribnyjj /
Roman Yanushevsky /
Gino Santa Maria /
What Was John McCain's True Wartime Record in Vietnam?
R. Gino Santa Maria /
The “war hero” candidate buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam.
What Was John McCain's True Wartime Record in Vietnam?
R. Gino Santa Maria /
Hundreds of POWs may have been left to die in Vietnam, abandoned by their government—and our media.
The unspoken statistical reality of urban crime over the last quarter century.
Talk TV sensationalists and axe-grinding ideologues have fallen for a myth of immigrant lawlessness.
Confederate Flag Day, State Capitol, Raleigh, N.C. -- March 3, 2007
Are elite university admissions based on meritocracy and diversity as claimed?
A Modern Guernica Enabled by Washington